Asbestos Removal London Case Study – Hospital Projects


Client: Ayerst Environmental ltd
Location: Hospital Ward
Contractor: Deconstruct UK Ltd

Completion Date: June 2011
Sector: Health


Removal of asbestos contamination from within the roof space above a hospital ward.










About the project:


The asbestos insulation that had been applied to the heating pipework within the roof space had deteriorated and presented widespread contamination throughout the roof. Deconstruct were appointed to remove all contaminated materials within the roof space, including fibreglass insulation and pipe lagging. Following the removal and bagging of the contaminated material from the 120m2 roof space, all surfaces were cleaned using ‘tac’ rags and h-type vacuum cleaners.


Project challenges:


The contaminated roof space was located directly over a live hospital environment, including consulting rooms and offices. Every care had to be taken to avoid breaching the ceiling and contaminating the live areas below. The decontamination process was methodical and laborious working off Youngman boards spread between the joists. Due to the distance from the work area to the exterior of the building it was necessary to utilise a modular decontamination unit erected inside the building. The removal of waste from the building had to be meticulously planned and very carefully carried out as the waste route was through live areas of the hospital.


Download the asbestos removal hopital projects case study here


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